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My objective is to share real, honest and no BS accounts of mistakes I’ve made, things I’ve learned, a slant on what interests or worries me about the professional world (mostly).

I aim to show how people can apply integrity, empathy and compassion to their careers and still succeed. How being a ‘number 2’ is just as crucial (if not more so) and desirable to being the number one in an organisation - and if you just want to be a do-er - that’s okay too! Be the best do-er you can be!

…and I may end up writing or testing the novel that’s been bouncing around my head!

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Thoughts, perspectives and opinions on leadership, tech, integrity and sharing learnings from my mistakes and maybe some stream of consciousness too.


Digital Media Geek, Texan Lassie, mommy/mummy & animal lover. Founder of Darcie Digital Co. Partner at Makk. Helping businesses, agencies and start-ups work smarter.